The New Year And Your Weight Loss Resolution

Weight Loss Resolution Couple

The New Year is here, and with it, your weight loss resolution and resolutions for self improvement. For many, the chief resolution being to lose weight is soon followed by the resolution that it can’t be done.
At AgeLess we’ll tell you it can be done.

There is only ONE WAY to lose weight….YOUR WAY!

What does that mean? It means that the primary reasons for being overweight are not related to self control and overeating and calories!

It’s about GENETICS

And its about METABOLISM.

Genetics we can’t help you with, you’re already born.

Weight Loss Resolution patient
Metabolism is a different story. We can measure it carefully, and check out the hormonal values that affect it (things like thyroid hormone, vitamin D, and insulin levels) and then we can help you OPTIMIZE it.

Do you have to eat differently? Sure you do, while you’re trying to lose weight.

Do you have to be hungry all the time? Not at all, in fact that is extremely counterproductive.

Do you have to take pills? No, and probably you should take FEWER pills.

Instead, we’ll focus on 3 simple tasks:

  1. Measure and help optimize your metabolism
  2. Advise you on food choices and patterns (Eat ‘Human Foods’… meat, green vegetables growing above the ground, fruits, nuts and water)
  3. Appetite control, primarily from the types of foods and patterns of eating, but with supplements like green tea (the most widely studied appetite suppressant), or gymnema, or garcinia cambogia, and if needed, medical appetite suppressants.

Once YOU are in the drivers seat, once YOU are in control, you’ll see exactly what we mean at AgeLess when we say…

There’s only ONE WAY to lose weight…YOUR WAY!

Have a look at our Weight Management Page, or give us a call at 607-846-3960.

It’s 2016. This is YOUR year.