Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions at AgeLess SPA

In staying in tune to all the crazy beauty trends, one of my absolute favorites is now eyelash extensions! Let’s face it, we live in a busy world, and there isn’t a woman out there who wouldn’t love to cut down on their morning routine. And if not having to apply eye makeup is an option, then count me in!

When AgeLess SPA embarked on the journey to offering eyelash extensions, I didn’t know if it would be for me, but I was instantly convinced once I learned more about it. The thing that caught my attention was that for us t-shirt and jeans kind of gals on the weekend and wearing professional attire during the week, eyelash extensions are the “morning coffee and mascara” to both worlds; just without the need for mascara! Needless to say, I had to try them out.

Now, for those who have been to AgeLess SPA, this type of service won’t exactly relate to the relaxing massage or facial services, but I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been so relaxed that I fell asleep while having my lashes done. Between the warming bed, calming music, and the fact that I can’t be on my phone, it’s still some quality “me-time” that I don’t always make time for.

So, how do eyelash extensions actually get applied? Literally, one by one, based on the look you’re trying to achieve. Each lash extension will get applied with lash glue, to one of your natural lashes (not your skin!). To say that Jess and Karen, our Novalash® Certified estheticians, have a keen attention to detail during the lash application process would be a huge understatement! Every set of lashes they’ve done looks so natural and fits the features on every client; it’s never overdone! But before you run (don’t walk) to us, it’s important to know if you are a long-term candidate for eyelash extensions.

For every new lash client, a complimentary consultation is done to make sure that eyelash extensions are right for you. Jess and Karen, want to ensure that they get to know you and your lifestyle more before you jump right in. However, I went ahead a made a quick list just for you (but we will still require you to sit down with Jess or Karen for a consultation since everyone is different). 

Why might Eyelash Extensions not be a good idea for you?

  • If you are prone to watery eyes from allergies, tend to rub your eyes throughout the day, or wear contacts to where you’re constantly pulling your eyelid away from your eye
  • If you have a thyroid issue. Even with a supplement to help balance this disorder, you’re more prone to hair loss as it is and although the supplement does help with that, it may affect the life of your extensions. As someone who falls into this category, I did notice that I fell into the percentage of clients that needed a fill every one-two weeks, rather than the more common three-week fill
  • If you tend to sleep with your face buried in a pillow at night (yes, side and stomach sleepers – I’m talking to you). Although these lashes are sturdy, they can be damaged/fall out easier when compressed against a pillow

If you didn’t get scared off by the cons above, here are some pros!

  • They offer the volume, length, fullness or definition that you’ve always wanted
  • Although you can wear mascara with these, you literally won’t have to! #winning
  • If you have a hooded eye, lash extensions can help make your eye appear more open (a hooded eye is an extra layer of skin covers the crease above your eye, causing it to look smaller. For a visual, the lovely Blake Lively actually has hooded eyes (thank you, internet))

Another aspect that is taken into consideration when determining if eyelashes are a good fit for you is your natural eyelashes (surprisingly). Jess and Karen will evaluate if your natural lashes can carry the weight that comes with extensions. For example, if you have fine and thinner lashes, a lighter approach to applying lashes will take place. This is due to your natural lashes only being able to hold so much weight. However, those with already full lashes that might be looking for more of a longer or defined lash, your natural lash will be able to hold more extensions.

If you decide to move forward with eyelash extensions, it’s important to note the maintenance that comes with them (it still takes less time than putting on mascara). In the spa environment, you’ll always hear us talk about the importance of cleansing your face every day, twice a day. This is especially important when you wear eyeliner or eyeshadow with your extensions, or simply wake up with those annoying eye crusties. With each application, you’ll receive an eyelash spoolie (aka disposable mascara applicator), which will be the only tool to use on your lashes. When it comes to cleaning your new beautiful lashes, use a very gentle cleanser and your spoolie to work into the lashes gently. It’s important to do this due to the makeup that can get built up at your eyelash follicle, which can wreak havoc on your eye area.

If you’re like me and replaced your mascara with AgeLess SPA’s Lash Extension service, you can use the spoolie to help fluff your lashes each morning by lightly running it from the center to the tip of your lashes. Try to avoid getting the spoolie too close to your eyelid, as your extensions can get caught on the spoolie as they begin to grow out (trust me when I say, it hurts if you get the spoolie too close your eyelid!).

All in all, before I had extensions applied, I didn’t understand what all of the hype was about. After one application of extensions, I fell in love! Mornings and I have never really gotten along, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to get up and go in the morning, knowing that all I needed was my moisturizer, foundation, a quick fluff of my lashes, and go!

Now, about that coffee. . .


– Amy Gessi, Sales, Marketing & Inventory Specialist