AgeLess is working to improve communication with patients. With today’s technology, video conferencing is possible.  The system is being accommodated to provide maximum benefits. Currently, Skype is being used at the office and has been found as the most accessible program but you are not limited to this option.

My name is Kayla Puglisi and I am a biomedical science major and a student intern for Dr. Cilip at Ageless Medical Integrative Spa. I am working with Dr. Cilip to put together a program in which he can video chat patients while they remain seated comfortably in their homes.

We are working to create a reliable and consistent method of communication that is up to date. After setting up an account and getting connected with the office on a contact list, patients would first have to request a video chat appointment, explaining briefly what their issues are. They can do this multiple ways as explained further in another post.

I have included some instructions on setting up a skype account. Your feedback will be valuable to the development of this program and will increase my insight of the general population of the patients at Ageless that are interested in video chatting.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new program, please feel free to contact me at


Using Skype with Windows PC;

Video MD

  1. Search for “Skype” in the search engine and click “download skype”
  2. When the option pops up, choose to save the file
  3. you will follow the step by step instructions on your computer to create your Microsoft account
  1. You can use an existing email account or create a new one to create a Microsoft
  2. On an Apple device, you can go to the app store and search and install the Skype account
  3. The server may ask you to type in a verification code., send this code as either a text message or an email and enter the code number when you receive it.
  4. You can sign into skype on the app using a skype account or your Microsoft account
  5. With all devices, be sure you give skype access to your camera and microphone
  6. Click the search icon and type in “ AgelessVideoMD“
  7. When the screen reads that there are no results in your contacts, you will choose the option to search skype
  8. The directory will come up with many profiles, choose the first one that reads

“VideoMD, US” with the brown Ageless logo

  1. Choose the option to add this profile to your friends, it should give you the option to send a contact request reading “Hello Video MD, I’d like to add you as a contact”
  2. Click the video icon to video chat this contact


If you are using an Apple product:

  • You will go to the app store and search “Skype”
  • Install the app
  •  Follow the same instructions to sign using your Microsoft account or sign in creating just a skype username
  • When searching to add the Ageless Video MD as your contact, you will click an inn with three  dots, probably around the bottom right hand corner and  a search engine will show up [ where you will ty[e I “AgelessVideoMD” just like you did for a Microsoft PC


If you are using an Android or tablet:

  • To get skype on an android device or tablet, visit “” and download skype from google-play
  • Note; you will have to approve the app permissions like with any other android applications.