AgeLess LLC Integrative Medical Spa

Video MD Appointments

Are you a home bound patient?


AgeLess, LLC Integrative Medical Spa is now introducing Skype appointments for homebound patients.


At AgeLess, we are working to improve communication with all of our patients. With today’s technology, you can discuss your concerns or check in with the Doctor as if you were sitting in the office exam room from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Video conferencing appointments are designed with you in mind and the system is currently being tested by a few patients and individualized to have maximum benefits.

Currently, Skype is being used and has been found to be the most accessible program for the general population. However, you are not limited to just that one option if you are more familiar with another type of program. Face Time is also easily accessible for our office and has already been successfully used for brief video conferences with the Doctor. If you are not familiar or comfortable with any of the mentioned programs, there are a members at AgeLess that would love to help get you acquainted.

Contact the office to speak with an individual about getting set up with this program and hearing more details about when and how to request a Video MD appointment, how billing and insurance handles these type of appointments, what your options are for technology/programs, or any other questions/concerns you may have.

The Objective

  • Improve response time for patient questions
  • Increase convenience for the patient

The Opportunity

Video MD appointments are offered to homebound patients who otherwise would have a more difficult time getting into the office to see the doctor. You may meet the criteria to schedule appointments with the doctor via skype if you are;

  • Over the age of 65
  • Chronically ill/ impaired
  • College students
  • Disabled
  • Without transportation to the office
  • Out of town workers

We are working to create a reliable and consistent method of communication through today’s technology. After setting up an account and getting connected with the office on a contact list, you would first have to request a video conference appointment, explaining briefly what their issues are. This can be done by sending a written message directly on skype, logging onto patient portal and requesting an appointment or sending a brief email, or emailing one of the AgeLess employees. The office skype account name is listed as “AgelessVideoMD” with the AgeLess logo adjacent to the contact name.