Nervagesic for Nerve Health and Muscle Health

Nervagesic nerve health

Here at AgeLess we are currently carrying the amazing new product, Nervagesic for nerve health and muscle health. The following is an article published by Standard Process/Mediherb, talking about the benefits of this product.

“The effects of nervous system discomfort experienced on a daily basis – whether from stress, overwork, or exercise – sometimes makes it more difficult for the body to get through what the day brings. Nervagesic, a new product introduced today by MediHerb, is a gentle, effective formulation designed to provide natural relief for nervous system discomfort.”

Nervagesic offers a therapeutic blend of California poppy, Jamaican dogwood and Corydalis herbs. This herbal combination contains many important compounds including alkaloids, isoflavonoids, and other flavonoids. Specifically designed for adults dealing with muscle cramps, physical tension and discomfort, Nervagesic can help:

  • ease nervous system discomfort
  • provide nervous system support during temporary or occasional nervous system discomfort
  • promote relaxation in the nervous system and muscles
    support healthy nervous system tissue
  • ease the effects of temporary or occasional nervous stress
  • provide relief from occasional sleeplessness
  • enhance the ability to relax during the night
  • ease the effects of cramping associated with menstruation
  • relieve muscular cramping
  • ease muscular discomfort such as caused by exercising

“MediHerb meticulously tests the raw materials used in the products, to deliver an efficacious product that provides the best possible outcomes,” says clinician Kerry Bone, co-founder of MediHerb and director of research. “The traditional herbal combination in Nervagesic fills a much-needed gap in my clinical choices for addressing nervous system discomfort in my patients.”

California poppy and Corydalis are time-honored Chinese herbs used traditionally to promote healthy nervous tissue. Jamaican dogwood is valued for its calming effect on muscles and its soothing effects when feeling emotionally out of balance.

Additional Therapies and uses for Nervagesic