Have you head of AgeLess BlueMED yet?

(Courtesy of The Elmira Telegram)

According to a study released in 2012, The Epidemiology of Cancer among Police Officers (link opens in new tab), police work is associated with exposure to a variety of carcinogens, lifestyles, and other risk factors. According to the study, evidence suggests that police officers may be subject to increased overall risks for cancer, particularly Hodgkin’s lymphoma, melanoma, and bladder or testicular cancer. In addition, the study found that a variety of other factors, including shift work, stress, and sleep disruption have a negative impact and effect on those who work in law enforcement.

That study, and the current tension for many in the law enforcement community, inspired Dr. Cilip come up with a program geared at helping those who spend their lives helping others. AgeLess Integrative Medical Spa in Horseheads has begun a new program called AgeLess BlueMed, a program designed to serve both active and retired law enforcement officers.

Dr. Cilip recognized that these are difficult times for law enforcement agencies across the nation and came up with the idea after reading the study describing the medical conditions unique to law enforcement. “With very little effort, we can treat, manage, and overcome these conditions specifically,” he said.

Dr. Cilip says the goal of AgeLess BlueMed is to offer access to rapid and attentive medical care, focused on the needs of law enforcement. For example, if an officer is getting off shift and needs to be seen but can’t get to their primary care doctor, they can be seen by the medical staff at AgeLess quickly that same day.

“In their profession, when the world calls, police respond. However when they require the same level of urgency and attention, it is not always reciprocated. At AgeLess, we believe that by offering a different level of service we can not only help in a more timely fashion for immediate results. Additionally, we can take the opportunity to address and monitor long term health concerns unique to law enforcement.”

Dr. Cilip notes that those participating in the program do not have to give up their own family doctor. Medical care is billed through insurance as usual and there is no extra charge for AgeLess BlueMed. As Dr. Cilip put it, “They pay the bill in full for this level of care every day they go to work.”

While AgeLess BlueMed is currently being offered to law enforcement right now, the program is still in its early stages and he anticipates expanding the service to other emergency professionals.

Law enforcement officers interested in taking part in the program can contact the office by calling (607) 846-3960 or by emailing appointments@agelessllc.com