How The Founders of AgeLess SPA Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Ahh, it’s that time of year again where we spring forward and lose an hour of sleep, which makes it hard to adjust to our day. But what if we didn’t let Daylight Saving Time (DST) ruin our routine while we adjust to the time change where it feels like we never get back that hour of sleep until we set our clocks back in the fall?

The founders, Michael and Michelle Cilip, of AgeLess SPA don’t let Daylight Saving Time affect them at all, though, and they can’t really have those kinds of hiccups with running a small business that is growing at an exceptional rate. So how exactly do they not let Daylight Saving Time get the best of them? The answer is quite simple.

The Cilips follow a certain trick that they got from SomnoMed, which includes making a plan, regulating your sleep pattern, staying conscious of your physical activity, creating an environment to sleep in, and avoiding the clock when it’s time to sleep. Find out more details below on how the Cilips follow this simple trick!

According to SomnoMed, the first step to do is plan on starting your adjustment to Daylight Saving the Saturday before Daylight Saving Time. This means to modify when you wake up and go to sleep by 15 minutes increments until Daylight Saving Time occurs. Once DST occurs, you will just have to wake up at your usual time or earlier, and already feel adjusted, as noted by SomnoMed.

The second step to follow is regulating your sleep pattern, according to SomnoMed. It’s important to make sure you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. SomnoMed also suggest taking a nap for at least 20 minutes if that is an option for you and does not affect your sleep pattern at night if you are feeling very tired and feel you need more sleep.

The third step to follow is to have at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, like walking outside when the sun is still out, about three times a week to help you sleep at night, according to SomnoMed. However, it’s important that this exercise takes place in the afternoon and not the evening before you go to sleep to not completely mess up your sleep pattern, according to SomnoMed.

The fourth and one of our favorite steps is to create a sleep environment you genuinely enjoy being and sleeping in, according to SomnoMed. It’s important to make sure the your room is dark and you have tools to drown out the outside light and noises. SomnoMed suggests using ear plugs, a white noise machine, or an eye mask. Additionally, SomnoMed suggests keeping your room between 60-75 F for a comfortable temperature to sleep in. And mostly importantly, SomnoMed suggests unplugging from the social media world and anything that has to do with electronics an hour before bed to unwind before you go to sleep (we might have to make this a habit for the rest of the year and not just for DST!)

Lastly, we know this may be hard for some people who tend to look at the clock, but SomnoMed suggests avoiding the clock and if you are unable to sleep then pick up a book or journal (not your smartphone or electronic device) to help you relax your mind to help you sleep.

The Cilips find this trick from SomoMed to be quite effective and they swear by it for when it’s time to start getting ready for a time change, so we hope this also helps you with your overall wellness needs!

Find more in-depth details on ways to adjust to Daylight Saving Time from SomnoMed here.

2017 Pink Tie Affair Recap – From the Eyes of Our CEO, Michelle Z. Cilip

2017 Pink Tie Affair Recap – From the Eyes of Our CEO, Michelle Z. Cilip

2017 Pink Tie Affair Recap

From the eyes of our CEO, Michelle Z. Cilip

The Pink Tie Affair committee could not have asked for a more beautiful day on the day of the event hosted by the Twin Tiers Region affiliate of Susan G. Komen, on September 22, 2017, at the National Soaring Museum in Elmira, NY. They set out to raise $50,000, after raising an astounding $48,000 last year.

As the “Pink Tie Guys” arrived at the 2017 Pink Tie Affair, Michelle Z. Cilip, CEO of AgeLess SPA, couldn’t help but be proud to be apart of such a spectacular event. She helped a wonderful group of ladies with planning and set up, and when the time came, she got ready for the evening by getting her makeup done by Jen at AgeLess SPA, where she typically gets her makeup done before any special occasion she attends. This year for the event, she wore a subtle, but elegant, flapper-inspired dress with pink heels, giving her just the right amount of a pop of color for the Komen cocktail party.

Credit: Chris Waters Photography

She returned to the event with her husband, Dr. Michael Cilip, who is a “Pink Tie Guy” from the class of 2014. As a member of the committee, she took part in greeting and checking in the gentlemen and their guests. This also included gentlemen from previous Pink Tie Affair events who still attend this event because once a “Pink Tie Guy,” always a “Pink Tie Guy.”

Upon being checked in, the “Pink Tie Guys” of the class of 2017, received their signature pink ties, donated by H. Strauss Clothier in Elmira, NY. There was even the opportunity for glider rides, socializing with other attendees, touring the museum, and enjoying the food catered by Serendipity, located in Ithaca, NY.

Credit: Chris Walters Photography

Once all the gentlemen apart of the 2017 “Pink Tie Guys” class arrived, they gathered for a group photo, taken by the talented Chris Walters photography. Shortly after the photo opportunity, the event began where they recognized all of the “Pink Tie Guys,” whom of which are a group of well-respected corporate, healthcare and civic leaders from our region.  

“I told Michael, it’s overwhelming how grateful the Pink Tie gentlemen are to be apart of the event,” Michelle said, “It’s truly moving to see their dedication and support,” with so much passion in her eyes.

In addition to recognizing the “Pink Tie Guys,” an auction was held, where many businesses and artists generously donated spectacular items to support this great event. One person took home AgeLess SPA’s donation, which included three SPA services valued at $500.

Credit: Chris Walters Photography

“It’s an event that’s short and sweet, and that’s what I believe people like about it,” Michelle said, “It starts around 5 p.m. and goes until about 8:30 p.m.,” “Everyone can come in work attire after work or get all dressed up and raise money for a great cause together.”

Credit: Chris Walters Photography

Michelle first attended the Pink Tie Affair when Dr. Cilip was invited to be a “Pink Tie Guy,” three years ago. After, she knew she very much wanted to get involved with this spectacular organization. This is her second year on the committee and she without a doubt will be returning for many more.

When asked what draws her to this event and the Susan G. Komen foundation, she said,

“The main source is credibility and faith – I believe this foundation goes above and beyond to show the data of how funds are being donated. The ultimate goal is finding a cure, and I have faith they’re going to find it, but it takes people like all of us to keep that mission moving along, and it takes good, hard-working, and passionate people to keep it alive. There are so many people affected by breast cancer, even within the AgeLess SPA organization, so I want to be apart of something where I can make a difference.”

Credit: Chris Walters Photography

It’s easy to get on the committee, and they welcome everyone. There are about ten people on the committee, and many have been affected by breast cancer one way or another. It’s a way to be involved within the community in making tremendous strides in raising awareness about breast health and breast cancer, as well as raise funds for breast cancer screenings, treatments, and education.


-Rebecca Howe, Marketing Assistant