Metabolic Testing for our Weight Management Program

Metabolic Testing for our Weight Management Program

Metabolic TestingAs part of the medically supervised AgeLess Integrative Medical Spa Weight Management Program, we offer the latest in metabolic testing technology using the Korr Revue Metabolic Analyzer (for an overview of Korr and Korr products, check out their website at machine uses a time tested medical procedure known as capnography, or the measurement of exhaled carbon dioxide. This technology is also used in the care of critical care patients who are on a ventilator in hospitals.

How Metabolic Testing Works

How it works is simple. You see, it takes oxygen to burn energy, and energy in this case is simply calories. So by measuring the output of carbon dioxide the machine measures how much oxygen your body uses at rest, thus the amount of calories your body burns at rest. Sitting in a big comfortable chair, we have you breathe through a tube (with your nose plugged to ensure all the air you breathe goes through the machine) for 10 minutes, after which we get your “resting metabolic rate”, which is simply how many calories your body needs to function at rest for a day.

Walking Metabolic TestingFrom there, the machine does projections based on your height and weight to tell us how many calories your body needs for day to day activity, to and from work, up and down stairs, etc. It also tells us, again based on your height and weight, how many calories your body needs for 1/2 hour of exercise…nothing crazy, a good brisk walk perhaps. The total of those two figures combined with your resting metabolic rate gives us the estimated amount of calories you need on a daily basis.

From there the machine will give projections that tell us what calorie level you need to eat to maintain your current weight, the manufacturer’s “weight loss zone”- how many calories to eat with exercise as well as what is known as the “medically supervised zone” for those looking to lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

The machine also will tell us on a simple graph what your current metabolic rate is. This is important because your metabolic rate is simply how fast your body is burning energy ( calories ) and we want to ensure we keep that metabolism working at peak performance to ensure body fat is being burned. Many people are surprised to find that despite conventional wisdom saying the opposite, most people who are overweight have good metabolisms as the more we weight the more energy our body needs to take in and burn to carry that weight. Those who do have low metabolisms do so due to a handful of reasons- low thyroid function, skipping meals, or over exercising just to name a few, and we’ll address those things should that prove to be the case.

The advantage of this metabolic testing is we can see what your body’s caloric needs are and in turn can tailor a diet to fit your individual needs. If you find you need more food, we will know how many more calories you can take in and still lose weight. Yes you read that right, you can eat more and still lose weight!

Metabolic Breathing Test

Not bad for 10 minutes of breathing!

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